Relaxation, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching with
Petra Waker based in Bedfordshire

How you can benefit:

The combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and relaxation therapy means that difficulties and stress can be overcome in fewer sessions. Each session is focussed to ensure that every session counts. This can mean fewer appointments, less cost.

AbuseQuit smoking in one session
AnxietyPain control
BereavementPanic attacks
Exam nervesRelationshop difficulties
Fear of flyingSleeplessness
Lack of confidencePost traumatic stress disorder
Loss of a petTrauma

A word from Petra…

” Looking after our health, well being and peace of mind is a small investment to make for ourselves, yet in today’s fast moving world we tend to neglect our personal well being, in favour of financial security. Yet just that can push us towards ill health and then we find ourselves having to have time off work and the possibility of reduced income. So it seems more important then ever to look out for ourselves in the same way we look after the ones we love.

Taking back control of life, is knowing when to get professional help. “

Please note: Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy are complementary to any medical treatment you may be receiving. You should continue with any medication prescribed by your Practitioner. If in any doubt, consult your doctor