Relaxation, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching with
Petra Waker based in Bedfordshire

Benefits of life coaching

  • Clarifying and focusing on goals and the self selected solutions and plans to achieve them
  • Builds self belief and confidence
  • Guidance and partnership in finding new strategies and approaches
  • Non-judgmental and supportive
  • Mental rehearsal and preparation
  • Providing ongoing help and challenge for steady progress towards goals

Themes of life coaching

Life coaching is about achieving your best in key areas of your life – personal, working. This is achieved through the individual assistance and partnership of someone who will support and stimulate your personal and professional growth.

It is for anyone who wishes to make improvements in key areas of their lives eg relationships, career, life purpose, finance etc

Life coaching works holistically

  • It starts with where you are
  • A life coach helps you find your own solutions to life’s challenges
  • Helps you stay on track of self selected solutions and plans
    listens to you without judgment

How it works

  • Life coaching is one to one (usually over the phone)
  • First session is one to one and an half hours
  • further sessions are over the phone for 20 minutes each
  • Clients phone the coach
  • Structured discussion with clear goals

Time with your Life coach can support and stimulate your personal and professional growth

Please call Petra Waker for more details on
01767 627340 or email